Are RCFEs Staffed Properly?

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Before you undertake RCFE staff training, you might be wondering what the staffing situation is like at most residential care facilities for the elderly. The truth is that it varies quite a bit. Some locations have plenty of people on hand while others are desperately understaffed. This creates problems because these facilities have a number of people who rely on the services of the staff, and if the staff workers are too overwhelmed, then the quality of care can drop.

The law for residential care facilities can differ depending on the state. Some areas require facilities to have a set number of people per residents during the day and another number of staff members at night. Other areas leave it to the facility’s discretion regarding how many people should be on hand to adequately meet patient’s’ needs. This leeway has caused some facilities to hire less people than they really need.

A big reason why RCFE staff training from an accredited institution is required before getting in this line of work is because it takes a lot of effort to oversee dozens of patients. It can become even tougher if some of the residents are not in the right space of mind and get violent. Even professionals with years of training can feel overwhelmed, which is why it is important for staff members to have adequate training alongside a supportive environment where other people are around to pick up some of the slack.

Some state legislatures are attempting to correct the issue of understaffing. They are increasing the minimum number of hours of RCFE staff training required in order to work at one of the facilities. They are also setting firmer guidelines by which facilities need to abide by in terms of staffing. With all this being said, there is plenty of work in this industry, and it is worth it to pursue as a career.


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