Online Classes vs. Live Training Classes

online training

Whether you are renewing your certification or are getting certified for the first time, you’ll need to choose a course that is completely in person or a hybrid course with part of the training online.  While many states require at some of the certification be completed in person, there are many benefits choosing a hybrid approach with RCFE online training.

Taking classes online allows you to work around your schedule. While live training requires you to attend the class at set times, when completing online coursework you are able to fit in lessons on your lunch break or in the evenings. This means you don’t have to be away from work or other responsibilities. Assisted Living Education offers online training that meets the requirements for your certification while giving you the flexibility to work at your own pace. They even provide unlimited online classes to work better around your responsibilities. In live classes, the instructor has to finish training by the end of the class. If you are struggling with a concept, you may not have enough time in class to fully understand it. With RCFE online training, you can go work slowly on concepts that are new to you while moving quickly through sections where you already have experience or knowledge.

On the other hand, live classes offer a few benefits as well. They fulfill many state requirements for completing some of the certification in person. In addition, it is easier to ask questions as they arise when you are in a live class so that you get immediate clarification. Instructors for face to face classes can also tailor the content to the class in a way that is not possible online. Since Assisted Living Education offers hybrid courses with an in-person component supplemented with online training, you get the best of both worlds.

If you are looking to complete your certification, consider a hybrid course. By choosing RCFE online training you’ll be able to complete your work on your own schedule and at the pace that is right for you.


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